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Welcome to the place where the future of retail is being made today

(and it all starts with a great online store)

We create and manage your online store

Title - we create and manage
So you can focus your attention on other things such as your PRODUCT

How we create your store

Clean layout

Make your store attractive, functional and customized to the brand image you want to project. With YOUR BRAND, YOUR NAME, YOUR DOMAIN.

Maximum functionality

Get into your store all the functionality your customer expects (ex.: all the major payment types, electronic invoice straight to his/her mail, email and phone customer support, search&filter,,,)


Make your customers experience simple and predictable with flawless back-office processes that are guaranteed keep your customers at ease and engaged.

How we create

How we manage your store

The "VSV way"

Simple processes that work 100% of the time, flawless customer support. We baby sit your customers through their shopping experience so they are always happy. Even when they don't buy anything.

Catalogue & store layout 

We can support you with all those time consuming day to day activities of your online store such as catalogue updates and changes in the store layout.

Traffic management

We use all available traffic analytics to give you feedback about your customers and prospects. This way we can devise ways of getting more people to your stores (both online and physical ones)

Community management

We use innovative ways to boost your sales beyond the "usual" digital marketing and mailing list updates. Check our peer-to-peer concept as an example.

How we manage

How we drive sales for you

There are no shortcuts: we create your store following all SEO best practices, we integrate with your social networks and manage your online marketing budget to drive traffic and get customers to make that 1st purchase.


But, most important of all, we run your store with the predictability and precision of a Swiss watch so your customers have no surprises and know your online store is a great and trustworthy place to shop.

Everything to ensure that YOU can sell your products DIRECTLY to the end customer with absolute control of your brand and with higher margins.

How we drive sales
Our stores
Get started

Get started!

Some of our stores




Miss Brownie



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