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Virtual Store Ventures is a start up on a journey to transform the way people do their shopping. Our mission: to empower "cool brands with amazing products" to sell their products directly to end customer.

Our vision: to be the #1 place where cool brands go to boost their direct sales to their end customers.

We just turned 2 years old and we used this time to tailor the technology, the processes and the business model to our key target: independent brands with amazing products.


On our anniversary we launched a proprietary peer-2-peer technology that we believe will further support our mission to get independent brands with amazing products to grow to their maximum potential.

Join us now and you will get but a fraction of what we have planned though still much more than you can expect from the average online store. Join us now to become our travel partner in this relentless journey towards the future of retail.

Virtual Store Ventures, Lda

Pr. Cuf Bloco A 5C

Lisbon - Portugal

VAT n. 514 361 328

Reach us at


Digitalize the word of mouth, build your community, grow

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