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Currently commerce is heavily centralised and brands are dependent on large third parties to promote and sell their products.


When you want to promote your brand and your products online you must do so via digital marketing tools controlled by search and/or social network behemoths. The rules of influencer marketing are also dictated by few powerful influencers often with uncertain returns for your investment. 

Selling online or in physical stores often means giving in to terms and conditions of quasi monopoly marketplaces and/or powerful multi-brand stores who will gobble your margins and more often than not erode the value of your brand.

The future will be different.

Brands will be able to sell directly to their customers safely, efficiently and independently. Conventional stores will be replaced by "showrooms" where only a small selection of products will be available on site but EVERYTHING from that brand will be for sale. The promotion will be dominated by loyal customers and many micro-influencers genuinely enthusiastic about the products they promote and operating in several different platforms.

Commerce will be decentralised, intermediaries will be heavily reduced and incentives will reward transparently those who have actually added value to the transaction.

At VSV Sales we are creating the technology, the back end processes and the incentive schemes that will give your customers the freedom to shop EVERYTHING, ANYWHERE and AT ANYTIME.

For real.

Interested in joining the future of retail? It all starts with a great online store...

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