For the end customer

  • Clean, simple, functional store.

  • 14-day return for full refund, no questions asked (except food products).

  • <12h reply to all inquiries.

  • 99.99% compliance with our promises. We work like Swiss watch so you have no surprises.

  • Best available security for payment methods.

  • Strictest adherence to your privacy, absolutely no spam.

  • Customer support by mail, phone and chat

  • Buy directly from the producer and tap into the peer-2-peer economy (more details to come...)

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For the merchant

  • Fully functional online store

  • State of the art management of back end processes. 

  • Integration with social networks.

  • Just starting? Turn key approach: we handle the SEO, digital marketing, periodic mailings to your contacts and all the back end processes of your online store.

  • Do you need more? Multilingual stores, phone support, automatic invoice straight to your customer's email, multicurrency store, advanced search&filter,... . Just ask!

  • Do you need less? We adjust accordingly.

VSV stores are online stores managed by VSV Sales that offer you and your customers an exceptional experience and total peace of mind.