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Take aways from #WebSummit

websummit start up booths

Last week was #WebSummit week @Lisbon (yeahhh!!!...).

Just like last year we spend most of our time at the e-commerce start up booths looking for trends, cool new ideas and useful functionality that we can use to improve our online stores.

This year along with the myriad of new "innovative" (of sorts...) marketplaces we detected 2 trends: #omnichannel and #peer2peer.

Omnichannel, or the challenge (utopy?) of making traditional bricks&mortar stores and online stores effectively operate as one, has been there for quite sometime. It is a little disappointing to see that there isn't a single retailer who has nailed the user experience yet but also encouraging because it means we are still relevant in our quest to provide that experience to our clients.

Peer2peer though is something else entirely. Customers becoming sales people of the products they are fans of has been around since ... 1932?... But in the age of "product reviews" and endless online social interactions it is interesting to see how long it is taking to bring these proven sales methods to the mainstream.

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