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Skog Club FAQ

How do I know how many orders I have generated with my shared links?

Every 14 days (2 weeks) we will send you the summary of the orders from your shares as well as the credit you have accrued. If you want to know that info beforehand you can mail ​us at <<mail here>> with your query and we will tell you in advance.

I know a friend has made a purchase but I have not received the credit yet. Why?

We have a 30 day return/exchange/refund policy for every purchase. Sometimes due to post and courier issues an exchange or a return may take longer to process. Because of this we have established that we will wait 45 days after each purchase before giving you the credit to ensure that your friend is satisfied with the order and does not want to exchange or return. 

Can I use my credits on physical stores or pop ups?

Your credits are to be used exclusively at

Can exchange my credits for cash?

At this moment all the credits you accrue have to be used as discounts in future purchases on We are looking into adding other alternatives such as donations to your favourite charity and possibly even trading for cash but these are not available for the moment.

How can I use my credits?

To use your credits simply browse to our online store, click on the Skog share icon (the hand with the index finger at the bottom left hand corner of our site) and add your email. After that shop as usual and a discount code with your credits will be added automatically at checkout. 

My friend has followed my link but he did not get his XX% discount. Why?

For the XX% discount to be applied your friend must use the same browser and device he/she used when following the link. If she is followed the link on her phone but completed the purchased on her laptop it will not work. In a case like this you or your friend can forward the link to an email or app accessible via her laptop, follow the link using the laptop and go shopping!

Can I share a link with myself?

Yes you can but you do not need to. If you are part of the Skog Club the xx% discount is automatically applied to all your purchases. You will also receive xx% for discounts in future purchases. All you need to do is to ensure you have added your email on the Skog share icon before checking out. Please note that you will have to opt between the XX% discount or a discount using your accumulated rewards. You cannot use 2 discounts on the same order. 

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