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Share Skog with your friends, spread our message, give discounts to your friends and receive rewards.

Join the Skog Club

Are you a Skog fan and would like your friends to enjoy premium quality sunglasses at a lower price than premium designer brands?

Do you want to make the world a slightly better place by getting your friends to wear sunglasses with noble sustainable materials like wood and cotton based acetate and getting trees planted in the process? 

Then you are already part of our gang! Fill the from below and... you are done! You can go back to our store and start sharing.

Share your favourite Skog

When Skog pops up in a conversation with a friend or family member you can share your favourite Skog simply by:

1) go to

2) share any page of our online store using the #maraydaretowear icon.


the Skog sharing icon is on every page of our online store

Get your Skog Club reward

When your friend or family member follows your link and makes a purchase she gets an immediate discount of XX% at checkout.

You will receive the same amount as a discount in your future purchases

There is no limit to the number of times you can share 

Share it 1,000 times and you will receive the same amount your friends have received from you in discounts.

Join the Skog Club now

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