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#DARETOWEAR terms and conditions

A. Acumulating credits by the referrer

  1. The referrer obtains a credit of 10% of the value of all orders made via his/hers referral link and/or using his referral code. The 10% calculation is based on the price at the time of purchase excluding transportation fees)

  2. If the order is returned and the amount totally or partially refunded the refunded amount is deducted from the referrer's credit.

  3. The cumulative value of all credits is made available 28 days after the purchase. This time lag is necessary to ensure all returns and refunds are properly taken into consideration.

  4. For the credits to be accrued it is mandatory that the orders are done via the referral's link or that the referral's code is input manually at the time of checkout.

  5. Maray reserves itself the right to cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice. All the credits accumulated at that time will be made available to the referrer.


B. Using your credit

  1. Every 28 days the referrer receives a voucher with 10% of the value of all sales that were made via his/her referrals.

  2. The credit can be used exclusively in, does not have a validity date and cannot be traded in cash.

  3. In case the referrer uses only part of the accrued credit (ex.: the value of his/her credit is higher than the purchase he/she is making) the outstanding balance will be available for another purchase. 


C. Privacy policy

  1. When you join the DARE TO WEAR program you join our mailing list so you authorize us to contact you in relation to the program (for example to send you your personal referral code and your credits). You may also receive emails from us informing about product launches and special promos. Rest assured that in no circumstances we will use or share your contacts for anything else other than what is strictly necessary with regards to the program.

  2. The DARE TO WEAR program is managed by VSV Sales, a EU based 3rd party, on behalf of Maray. VSV Sales is bound by this same privacy policy and all the EU legal requirements on privacy.

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